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The Codex Alera Community

Home of the Battle Crows

Codex Alera Discussion Community
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This community is for discussion of the book series The Codex Alera, [by Jim Butcher] the storylines and characters depicted within. This community is a fan creation. It does not have any official ties to Jim Butcher, his publishers, etc.

Book 1 - Furies of Calderon
Book 2 - Academ's Fury
Book 3 - Cursor's Fury
Book 4 - Captain's Fury
Book 5 - Princeps' Fury
Book 6 - First Lord's Fury
  • Participate! There's no point to a community if no one posts.

  • Be nice.

  • Do not claim to have official knowledge unless you post a reputable link (ie: jim-butcher.com) as the source of the information.

  • This community is based around the expression of opinions. Please refer back to rule #2.

  • Debate is welcome, but please don't let it get out of hand.

  • If posting graphics larger than one icon, please place behind a cut.

  • Anything that can be construed as a spoiler for the most current book released or future releases, place behind a cut and put 'Spoiler' in the subject so that members staying spoiler free can skip that post.

Rules can change at any time if the owner of the community feels they are necessary.
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Please introduce yourself by answering the Ten Questions. This helps to break the ice between members, and keep us all talking. This may be changing soon, as newer books are released and information changes!
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